Early Learning Support

How to Be a Preschool Teacher


If you have an affinity for working with small children and are passionate about education, a career in early childhood education may be ideal for you. Before you can be a certified preschool teacher, there are a few hoops you must jump through to ensure that you are qualified to teach kids at such an impressionable age.

Education Requirements

Almost all preschool teachers must have a high school diploma, and if you want to be a certified preschool teacher, you may need to earn a four-year degree in early childhood education. If you plan to work for the public-school system or the Head Start program, this may be a requirement. Check with each local school district for details.

Working with Kids

Teaching young kids may sound like a glorious idea, but it's something that you should try before you commit. Most employers will want at least a few years of experience working with kids on your resume before hiring you as a preschool teacher. One option is to work as an assistant teacher that helps with behavioral, social, and academic issues.

Get Certification

Every state is different when it comes to obtaining certification, but you will want to be certified and update your certification when it's necessary. If you choose to teach at a Montessori school, you can obtain your training at an accredited Montessori training center to earn your certification towards a teaching career teaching small children.


Once you have your public school or Montessori certification, you are almost ready to start your career as a preschool teacher, but first you must find a job. You may choose to start out as a teaching assistant to get some experience and connections, but if you stay committed to Montessori values and educational beliefs, apply for several different positions and don't give up. You will soon fulfill your dream of teaching your own group of young ambitious students.